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Consulting Services for grain contracts and disputes

December 3, 2003

Before you call your lawyer. . . . we have added a consulting division to our business in the past few months to help both buyers and sellers with problems concerning contracts, shipments, laytime and demurrage, claims, documents, arbitrations, etc, etc.   We have found that in general the contracts used do not clearly represent the intentions of both buyer and seller and that many times no one bothers to look at them closely - until something goes wrong.


We can offer our services to solve your problems after they occur but we suggest that our services would help a great deal if we were to comment on contract before they are finalized in order to insure that you are buying or selling what you want, the way that you want and that you are protected if things don't work out.   The old saying is that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"


It does not take long to review a contract and make comments or suggestions and it does not cost a great deal of money to get the details as correct as possible.  We are happy to look at any of your contracts - old or new - to see if they can be improved.  Improvement does not always mean making things more complicated as with some contracts a simplification is a good solution.


So, we are here to help you with your contracts in order to help you to avoid problems.


And, we are here to help you if a problem has occurred.  Too often we see buyers and sellers contact their lawyers as soon as something happens and many times this is either money wasted or at least too much money spent.  As some one once said about a lawyer I knew;  "if you ask him the time he will build you a watch.".  And when did you last meet a lawyer outside of London and New York who understood laytime and demurrage or GAFTA 24.


We are quick, efficient, knowledgeable, experienced and will even be extremely cost effective.


Let us know where we can help you.


Very best regards


Wayne Bacon


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