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State-of-the-art feed production in Saudi Arabia

leading Saudi animal and aqua feed manufacturer's fully automated plant
December 3, 2003

Saudi Arabia has a leading supplier of animal and aqua feeds: Arasco. The company has been operating a feed manufacturing plant for 20 years. Since its
establishment, it has doubled its capacity. Fish, poultry, and camels receive their feed from this plant.

The sharp increase in market demand for high-quality feed prompted Arasco to entrust Buhler with the construction of yet another state-of-the-art
feed production facility in Dammam. This plant is capable of producing half a million metric tons of feed a year and is the biggest facility of its kind in the Middle East. It is also one of the most up-to-date – fully computerized and provided with machine controllers featuring individual climate control to ensure that all processes will run smoothly even at scorching temperatures exceeding 50 degree Celsius.

The high automation level of this plant allows very efficient and cost-effective operation. The fully automated bagging and palletizing system, for example, allows the filled bags to be transferred by telescopable belt conveyor directly onto trucks. Five pellet mills of the largest series enable all the products made by the plant to be supplied to customers in a pelletized form.

The special thing about the feed manufacturing plant of Arasco is that it has been designed for fully automatic operation. Should a conveyor fail, another one will immediately take its place. All processes and the entire production range are reproducible – Total Quality Management is therefore the easiest thing in the world for Arasco.

Powerful capacity reserves have again been designed into this new production plant. With minor alterations, the capacity will reach one million tons of different animal feeds, enabling Arasco to respond promptly to any rise in demand.

Buhler is a global Technology Group and System Partner for plant and equipment and for process expertise in the fields of Food Processing, Chemical Engineering, and Die Casting, with a worldwide payroll of about 6,000.