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Spanish insect company starts insect meal production

Once the works have been completed and the necessary authorization has been obtained, the facilities in Galicia will produce 12,000 tonnes of larvae per year.

Credits: Bioflytech
April 8, 2024

Bioflytech has started the production of meal and oil from dried black soldier fly larvae at its new facilities located in Palas de Rei, Galicia. The company started the activity after becoming the first Spanish company to obtain the authorization to produce, transform and commercialize this type of products.

These new state-of-the-art facilities in Palas de Rei are now up and running after obtaining authorization for insect meal production for the pet food and aquafeed industries, and insect oil for pig feed and other pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

The facilities have also started up a second rendering machine, designed by the company and unique on the market, which will enable tailor-made meals to be manufactured with specific percentages of protein and fats according to the customer's demands, and which is set to revolutionize the production of protein meal from insects, according to the company. These two rendering machines will be joined in the coming weeks by a third one that has already arrived in Palas de Rei and will be assembled in the next few days.


Bioflytech facility in Palas de Rei

The dried black soldier fly larvae, with which the rendering lines are being set up and the first batches of meals and oils produced, come from the company's plant in Fuente Álamo, Murcia. Once the necessary authorization has been obtained, the fresh larvae fattening process will also begin in Palas de Rei, which will allow for the production of a total of 12,000 tonnes per year. Subsequently, a new phase of expansion of the facility will be undertaken to produce 100,000 tonnes of fresh larvae per year.

Meanwhile, at the Fuente Álamo facility in Murcia, an investment of EUR 2.8 million is planned for the second half of 2024 to increase the production capacity of the hatchery that supplies the facility in Galicia. Currently, the Fuente Álamo facility produces 180 kilos of eggs per month. The objective of this expansion, for which all the permits have already been requested, is to reach 350 kilos of eggs per month, something unprecedented in the sector, the company said. The first Bioflytech plant in Fuente Álamo currently produces 4,000 tonnes of fresh larvae per year.