Trends in aquaculture hatcheries: Water conditioning and probiotics

Hatchery Feed & Management is organizing the webinar series "Trends in aquaculture hatcheries" focused on different topics of importance for hatcheries. In this webinar, 3:07 Tania De Wolf, R&D Manager at INVE Aquaculture, 36:16 Stephane Ralite, Aquaculture Product Manager at Lallemand Animal Nutrition, 19:29 David Kawahigashi, Director of Vannamei 101 and 59:18 Stephen G. Newman, President and CEO of AquaIntech Inc. discuss how to improve larval performance through probiotics and microbial management.

Sponsored by INVE Aquaculture and Lallemand Animal Nutrition.

Moderator: Ruben Props, Ghent University and co-founder of KYTOS.