Feed ingredients conference program announced

Exciting program at the new Asia Pacific feed conference, FIAAP 2008, will highlight innovative ingredients, natural solutions and quality issues

October 17, 2007

FIAAP Conference Program Announced

An exciting and well-rounded line-up of presentations is in store for delegates to the FIAAP conference. Topics will focus strongly on innovative ingredients, natural solutions and quality issues in feed ingredients.

2007 has seen a year of sky-rocketing commodity prices and concerns about the availability of feed grains. Dr. Robert A. Swick, Technical Director, ASA International Marketing, Singapore will address this pressing issue with an analysis of raw material supply and demand trends for feed manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region.

Questions always surround those other essential feed ingredients, protein and lipid sources. Quality issues will be discussed in two presentations: Degussa Feed Additives has analyzed a large number of fish meal samples from India and South America to give a better insight into the levels of the first limiting amino acids contained; they have found huge differences in crude protein content as well as in the amino acid profile. Results and implications of this work will be shared with delegates. A comparison of the digestible protein and AA content from terrestrial protein meals to meet the requirements of high-value carnivorous fish and shrimp, will be the topics of another presentation, with cost-effectiveness measured from growth performance and feed utilization.

Feed hygiene and quality assurance will be addressed in two presentations. The importance of controlling molds and mycotoxins in animal feed is widely known. Mycotoxins can seriously impact animal health, causing liver damage, reproduction problems, kidney failure, and lung damage. Recent research indicates that the biotransformation of mycotoxins, using enzymatic preparations gives promising results. They offer feed manufacturers new opportunities since enzymes can have a specific action and their reaction, compared to binding, is not reversible. The importance of bacterial contamination and control is less well understood and frequently overlooked. The source, level and type of bacterial contamination of different feed ingredients types will be examined and the need for measures to control bacteria at all steps of feed processing highlighted in the second presentation. The potential for re-contamination during this process will also be discussed and the relative merits of the various chemical and physical control measures available for bacterial control reviewed, both from technological and economic perspectives.

Delegates will learn how the selection and encapsulation of specific molecules, such as organic acids, for slow release of the active ingredients through out the hind gut during transport, is offering a new approach to gut health and animal performance for monogastrics.

Results of feeding trials that showed the benefits and economic advantages of a defined preparation of phytogenics in commercial layers in the early stages of the egg production cycle also will be presented

Naturally derived ingredients that deliver optimal nutritional performance and health benefits are no less in demand for aquafeed production, spurring the development of a plethora of novel ingredients. Some of the solutions offered, the claims made for them and at the processing issues that may result from their inclusion in diets will be examined.

The FIAAP Conference will be held along side the new Feed Ingredients and Additives Asia Pacific (FIAAP) trade show and Victam Asia, at the Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok, Thailand, which will take place from March 5th to 7th, 2008. Delegates to FIAAP can now combine their registration with Aquafeed Horizons Asia ’08, to run at the same venue on the following day, March 6, 2008.

Full details, including conference brochure, accommodation details and registration can be found on the conference website at: or email:

The FIAAP Conference is presented by Conferences in association with Linx Publishing LLC, publishers of Feed Technology Update and, and with FIAAP 2008 and Victam Asia 2008. It is supported by: The Thai Department of Livestock Development; Thai Department of Fisheries, Thai Feed Mill Association, Thai Tapioca Trade Association, Thai Chamber of Commerce; Thai Ministry of Agriculture & Co-operative.


CHAIRMAN: Patrick Keereman, CEO - Managing Director, Vitamex group of companies, the Netherlands

Raw material supply and demand – are they in balance? — Dr. Robert Swick, ASA-IM, Singapore

Amino acid content in fishmeal shows high variation — Dr. Torben Madsen, Degussa, Singapore

A comparison of digestible protein and amino acids content and value of terrestrial animal protein meals for aquafeeds — Dr. Yu Yu, National Renderers Association, Hong Kong

Mycotoxins in animal nutrition - problems and solutions — Dr. Mathieu Cortyl, Impextraco, Singapore

Bacterial contamination of feed and Feed ingredients – Importance Of Control For Food Safety And Animal Performance — Dr. Adam Smith, Anitox, U.K.

A healthy gut for optimal performance through target release concepts in animal diets — Dr. Koen Schwarzer, Nutri-Ad International, Belgium.

Efficacy of phytogenics in commercial layers — Dr. Robert Nichol, Biomin, Singapore

Turning bad news into good news – feeding opportunities for the Asia Pacific animal industry to maximize profitability — Dr. Andeas Kocher, Alltech Biotechnology, Australia

Natural Ingredients – Product Opportunities and Process Issues — Colin Mair, Cormal Technology, U.K.